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SDFM 1100 Fully Automatic Laminator
REF: H000209 Featured


Additional Info

  • New or Used: New Equipment
  • Features:


    The multi-functional laminator suits water base lamination, oil-base lamination, glueless film lamination and pre-glued film lamination.


    • Pre-stack paper feeder improves working efficiency; belt conveyor furnished with air aspirator regulates conveyed paper sheets much better.
    • Dusting system clears efficiently dust on paper surfaces and perfects laminating quality so much.
    • Big diameter of mirror laminating roller is equipped with water cycle heating system.
    • Ceramic, which is netlike design, furnished with frequency converter can adjust the speed independently. 
    • Film release device is equipped with air expansion shaft and clutch to control film tension.
    • The adjustable air expansion shaft can load and release the film more conveniently. It is easy to operate.
    • Pneumatic paper collector can be adjusted easily upon needs and receive paper sheets regularly.
    • The imported servo motor and Taiwan side lay which can be adjusted keeps machine running smoothly.

    Technical Parameters

    Max paper size: 1100x1200mm

    Min paper size: 300x300mm

    Laminating speed:  10-65m/min

    Paper thickness:  80-500gsm

    Max temperature:120c

    Max pressure:110kg/cm2

    Max pneumatic pressure: 7kg/cm2

    Max hydraulic pressure:  2kg/cm2 (water)

    6kg/cm2 (pump)


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